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Q. Is my membership tax deductible?

Q. Do you offer a Membership that allows me to bring a friend each visit?

A. Yes. All membership levels above our Solo membership level offer general Arboretum admission for one or more additional guests per day.

Q. Is my membership valid at other gardens, museums and area attractions?

A.  Yes. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a member of the American Horticultural Society. As a benefit to our members, there are more than 300 other gardens in which you may use your membership. If you are traveling, be sure to check out the list of reciprocal gardens by clicking here.

Q. I am a person with a disability and need a caregiver to assist me with my visit. What do you recommend?

A. If you hold or purchase a Solo membership, your caregiver will be required to pay the general admission price of $15. You may want to consider purchasing a Duo or Duo+2 Membership which will allow you to bring your caregiver as your additional guest each visit.

Q. Do you offer a Membership for two individuals?

A. Yes. All membership levels above our Solo membership extend membership benefits to two named cardholders within a household.

Q. Do you offer a membership for families with adult children?

A. Yes. All membership levels above our Solo membership offer general Arboretum admission for one or more additional guests each day. 

Q. Do the primary and secondary cardholders need to live in the same household?

A. Yes. An Arboretum membership is a household membership. The 2 cardholders do need to live in the same household. As a non-profit, the Arboretum is able to grow through the generous support of our members. Card-sharing greatly reduces the ability for the Arboretum to grow. If you are currently sharing and would like to purchase separate memberships, please contact the membership office at 612-301-1257.

Q. Do I have to have a secondary cardholder?

A. No. For certain membership levels, a secondary cardholder is part of the package if both adults live in the same household. Membership benefits extend only to named cardholders and, where applicable, their children ages 15 and under. If your membership includes a secondary cardholder, we recommend that you name a second member (in your household) but it is not a requirement. However, having a secondary cardholder allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of being a member of the Arboretum, i.e., Gift Store discounts, etc. People living alone can buy a Duo or higher-level membership and always bring guests.

Q. Do you offer a membership for students?

A. No. We do not offer student memberships. However, current University of Minnesota (all campuses) students with a valid student ID are granted free admission each visit.

Q. Do you offer any other types of discounted membership?

A. Yes. We have multiple discounts available.  Please visit or call the membership desk for current discounts. 

Q. Do you have two-year memberships?

A. No. However, you may elect for automatic renewals.

Q. Do you have a lifetime membership level?

A. No. We do not offer a lifetime membership and have no plans to offer this in the near future.

Q. Is my membership refundable?

A. No. Membership funds are considered a tax-deductible donation to the Arboretum. Memberships are non-refundable.  

Q. Is my membership transferable?

A. No. Memberships are not transferable. 

Q. I purchased a membership. Does my employer match my membership donation?

A. Maybe. You may make a larger impact through your giving if your company has a matching gift program. Many companies offer programs that match charitable contributions from their employees at rates as high as 2 to 1 or higher. To find out if your company has a matching gift program, please check with your employer’s human resource department for a form to submit. 

Q. If I renew my membership before it expires, how will this affect my expiration date?

A. You will not lose any time if you renew early! Your membership is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you renew your membership early, that membership will not start until your current one expires. If you upgrade your membership before the current one expires, your upgraded membership begins immediately.

Q. Can I visit before I receive my membership cards?

A. Yes, as long as you have a reservation and your membership email confirmation. You are always welcome to call our ticketing line (612-301-6775) and mention that you have not received your membership card(s) but wish to make a reservation.  If you are a Friend or higher level member, please present your email confirmation to the gatehouse for entry. Membership processing takes about 2 weeks. During busier seasons, processing can take longer.

Q. I have not received any mailings since I became a Member.

A. Please call us at 612-301-1257 or email us at [email protected] to let us know so we can mail or email all pertinent information to you.

Q. How do I update my contact information?

A. You can update your contact information by calling 612-301-1257 or emailing [email protected].

Q. Can I get a replacement Membership card?

 A. Yes. If your card has been lost, we can replace it for a processing fee of $5. Please call the membership office at 612-301-1257 or stop by the Membership or Information Desk to request replacement materials. 

Q. Can I still get in if I forgot my member card?

A.  Yes, you will need your tickets with barcodes (either printed or on your phone). The gate attendant may ask for your ID to confirm membership and ensure that your membership is active in our system.

Q. I misplaced/threw away my complimentary one-time use gate admission passes. Can they be reissued?

A. No. Complimentary guest tickets cannot be reissued.

Q. How do I change my Membership to take advantage of more benefits?

A. We would be delighted to upgrade your Membership at any point during the year. Please call 612-301-1257 for details.

Q. Why did I just receive another renewal notice, when I already renewed my Membership?

A. If you have already renewed your Membership and sent in payment, please disregard the renewal notice. The renewal notice and payment probably crossed paths in the mail.

Q. Can my membership be auto renewed?

A. Yes. To schedule a recurring/auto renewed membership at the time of Joining or Renewing your membership online, check the check box once you select the membership category.  Currently, you are not able to change your account to auto renewal after the transaction until time of renewal without being charged. 

If you check Auto Renewal it will securely save your credit card information for the following year and charge the account a few weeks before expiration of your membership.

Q. Does my donation qualify for an Arboretum membership?

A: Donations of $200 or more may qualify for a complimentary donor level membership at the Friend, Supporting, Sustaining, or Associate level. Please note that the IRS does not allow us to provide memberships in recognition of contributions made with donor-advised funds, IRA qualified charitable contributions, or family foundations. Also, we do not use donation matching funds from an employer to provide, upgrade, or renew someone's personal membership.

Q. What is the ArbAccess Program and do I qualify?

As part of its mission to "welcome, inform, and inspire all", the Arb maintains partnerships with many Minnesota counties to provide free memberships/access to underserved communities. Qualified applicants have an existing relationship with their county of residence to receive local government assistance. To see if your county participates in this program and to submit an application for Arb membership, please contact your county caseworker directly. All applications are received and processed through the individual counties.

Program Goal:

To partner with local county service providers to grant free membership/access to underserved communities through already established government eligibility channels.


  • To provide free Duo+2 memberships to those who may otherwise not be able to afford to visit the Arboretum.
  • To partner with local counties to use current government set income thresholds to determine program eligibility.
  • To provide outreach to those in the program through partners such as nature-based therapeutics, Extension, etc.
  • To provide information about transportation opportunities and possible partnerships with SW Transit, SmartLink, etc.

How the process works:

Each county will receive printed applications with a specific code. Number of applications will be based on the current number of clients served. Applications will be the only way clients will be able to be granted memberships. They can be mailed in (preferred) or dropped off at the Arboretum. Note: Membership/Arboretum staff will not be able to renew memberships over the phone, online or onsite without a new printed application with a code. As a non-profit, the Arboretum acknowledges the need for the ArbAccess program but relies on membership revenue to operate. We do understand that a client's financial situation may change. If they are no longer eligible for county services, they won’t be eligible for the complimentary membership.

Return envelopes will be provided. The client or organization will need to provide postage.

When the application is returned to the Arboretum, the client will be mailed new membership cards.

When the membership is up for renewal, the member will be directed to their county worker to renew through the same channels as the original process utilizing the printed coded application.

Case managers, public health nurses and social workers should work with each applicant to fill out the form. The available level for each client is a Duo+2 (entry for 4) household membership. Children under 15 are always admitted free.

The Arboretum works with each county to provide quarterly reports in order to determine usage, access and program validity. No personal information is divulged during this process.

Current Participating Counties:

Anoka County


Carver County

Dakota County

Hennepin County


Nicollet County

Ramsey County

Scott County

Sherburne County


Washington County

Wright County

If you are a county employee and would like to contact the Arb about participation please contact:

Johanna DeBuhr

Membership Associate

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

[email protected]


Q. Which levels of membership include the EZ Pass Lane?

A. Friend, Supporting, Sustaining, and Associate levels only.

Q. Can I bring guests in a 2nd vehicle?


Yes, please have your guests in the vehicle directly behind yours and enter through the main/middle gate entry.

Q. Where in the Arboretum are Dogs allowed?

A. In the Dog commons only during the months of April through November.

Q. Do Donor levels need to make reservations or register an account?

A.  Reservations are not required for donor levels, however having a login helps to get the member price for events.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

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