Ticket Reservations

Access the Arboretum using an EZ Pass

Donor-level members do not need to make reservations or buy tickets in advance of their visit to the Arboretum. Members with Friend, Supporting, Sustaining or Associate memberships can access the Arboretum using the EZ pass lane to the left of the Gatehouse. Bring your most current membership card to scan in the EZ pass lane, and you can enter the Arboretum anytime during business hours. Learn more about Arboretum membership levels.

Before Your Visit

Everyone (except donor-level members) needs a timed reservation. All members (except donor-level members) and visitors, including children, must make a reservation online and present their tickets at the gatehouse to enter the grounds; we aren’t selling tickets or making reservations anywhere on site. Timed reservations are free for members and children 15 and under; all other visitors will be charged $15 per ticket. Tickets are not for resale, refundable or exchangeable. 

Click the reservations link above or call 612-301-6775 to make reservations. If you’re having trouble with our online reservation system, call our ticketing specialists to make your reservations over the phone.

Check our Hours and Admission page to see what is open.

Please arrive within your 30-minute entry window. There is no limit on the duration of your visit while our grounds are open.

Bring your ticket with barcode, or have the email ticket available to scan on your phone, for contactless entry at the gatehouse. Screenshots or saved photos of the barcodes do not scan properly -- you must have the original ticket from your email to scan.  

The following individuals and groups should call 612-301-6775 to make reservations:

  • Reciprocal members
  • UMN students
  • Those with a group, business or organization membership
  • Indigenous peoples

Please leave your dogs at home. Registered service dogs are always welcome at the Arb, but all other dogs are not allowed. An on-leash dog commons area is open to members who have a dog-added membership. 

Members must register (one time) and login to receive tickets at the member price. Click here for a step-by-step guide to registering your account. 

Still have questions?

Please call (612) 624-2200.

A Message About Reservations

As COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, we’ve explored whether or not to continue requiring timed ticket reservations at the Arboretum. After reviewing feedback from members, visitors and Arboretum staff, we’ve made the decision to continue requiring reservations. Improved guest experience and safety were two of the biggest factors in making this decision.
Read more about the decision and the improvements we’ve made to our reservation system.

Commonly Asked Questions

Ticketing and Memberships

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How do I make a reservation/reserve a ticket?

For Members:

As of July 1, 2020 all Arboretum members will need to complete a one-time registration in the system to have access to free admission tickets. You do not need to register each time you obtain tickets. However, you do need to sign in each time in order to receive the membership price. This will link your order with your membership so that you will not get charged non-member rates.

  1. Click here to register your account. Then click on the REGISTER button at the upper right corner of the screen. 
  2. Fill out the one page of information and then put in your email address and come up with a password to enter twice. 
  3. Click on Create an Account.
  4. After your account is created, return to this page.
  5. This time, click on SIGN IN at the upper right corner and sign in with the email and password you just created.
  6. Proceed to choose a date and time for your visit

For Non-Members:

  1. Click here to reserve your tickets
  2. Dates and times will be listed. It may show Sold Out! on the left side above the date. If it shows sold out, go to ‘click here for other dates’ and it will bring up a calendar showing availability. Select your date.
  3. This will bring up the first available time on that date. If you would like a different time go to ‘click here for other times’ and it will bring up a list of available times for that day. Choose your preferred time. Make sure to make a reservation for every person who will be coming to the Arboretum (adults and kids). Each person will need a reservation to enter the grounds. 
  4. Fill in your personal information and check out.
  5. After checking out, you will receive two emails. The first will be a confirmation of your order/receipt and the second will be a link to your ticket with a scannable barcode. 
  6. When arriving at the Arboretum, please bring your printed ticket with the barcode or have the ticket pulled up on your phone for the gatehouse attendant to scan. 

Can I make reservations by phone?

Yes! Call 612-301-6775 to make reservations over the phone.

Can we arrive in separate vehicles?

Yes, please have your guests in the car behind you with barcodes per person, or forward the barcode link to your guest designating which barcode is theirs to be scanned upon entry.

What should I do if I realize I can’t use my reservation?

If you are a member who can’t use your reservation, please email [email protected] with your information and we can release the time slot for others. There are no refunds or exchanges available.  

Can I buy a membership before I come out and then get in free?

Absolutely! Please call Membership at 612-301-1257. For more information about memberships please visit arb.umn.edu/support/membership.


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How do I use the digital map?

You can access the map at z.umn.edu/arbmap. You have the option to turn layers on and off from your device by clicking on the layer icon at the top (it looks like a stack of three pieces of paper.) You can also use the GPS location feature on the left-hand side (looks like a target) to show you where you are in the gardens. You can also print a map at home by clicking the print icon on the digital map.

Are the pathways accessible to wheelchairs?

The pathways in the main gardens are the most accessible. Three-Mile Walk is entirely paved.

When will I be able to walk on Three-Mile Drive?

We’ve created Three-Mile Walk, a fully-paved walking path, that allows walkers easy access to the gardens and collections along Three-Mile Drive. You can find the entrance to the path in the Sensory Garden. Only cars and bicycles are allowed on Three-Mile Drive.

General Questions

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What's the weather like at the Arb? How do I know if severe weather is in the forecast?

Please check with local news stations or visit the Weather Channel website for weather-related information in Chaska, MN. 

What do I do if I have an emergency while at the Arb?

In any emergency situation, please call 911.  For other issues, contact our security at 952-913-6989 or the Arboretum Information Desk at 612-624-2200.

Why isn't the Arboretum free like a public park?

The Arboretum is a 501(c)3 non-profit, different from other public parks and trail systems. The Arboretum is one of the largest botanical gardens in the country and a vast majority of our operating budget comes through gate fees, memberships and donations. Gate fees enable us to keep the gardens and grounds maintained year-round, conduct important research, protect our one-of-a-kind plant varieties and artwork, pay our employees, and more.

What if I have a VIP pass?

Call 612-301-6775 to reserve.