Health & Wellbeing Programs

Sunset above the pond with green cattails
Photo by Jason Boudreau-Landis

The Arboretum’s Health & Wellbeing programming provides a direct connection to nature to visitors to the Arboretum through the Nature Heals Initiative and to the community through Nature-Based Therapeutics programming.

Nature Heals Initiative

Nature-Based Therapeutics

  • Nature teaches us balance. Everything works better with nature in our lives  interactions with nature, including animals, provide a non-threatening focus and brings a calming effect on humans.
  • Nature provides us meaning. Spending time with nature nurtures us — humans are instinctively attracted to nature This natural connection nourishes us internally and in relationships with others and our community.
  • Nature gives us life. Activities in nature support the whole person — nature and animals improve and promote health on a physical, psychological, social, cognitive and spiritual level.

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