The Dog Commons On-Leash Trails

Couple walking their dog on the dog trails


As part of Nature-Based Therapeutics at the Arboretum, the Dog Commons On-Leash Trails is a place where two-legged and four-legged visitors discover opportunities for physical activity, education, socialization and emotional restoration. It incorporates trails and interpretive messaging with opportunities for seasonal outdoor activities with a canine companion. 

This area is not "just an on-leash dog trail." It is about the entire experience of being outside in plant-rich landscape with an animal companion. A goal of the Dog Commons is to inspire a shift from walking the dog as a chore to walking the dog as a mindful and restorative experience that benefits health and well-being for humans and pets.

Parking & Access Directions

  • From our main gatehouse, follow the signs past the parking lots towards the Learning Center.
  • Drive past the Learning Center and then take the first left turn up the hill to overflow parking. 
  • Entry to Dog Commons is on the right (west) edge of overflow parking.

On-Leash Dog Trails Distinctive Features

  • 65 acre on-leash dog trail system; two main trails of varied length, linked by short connector trails
  • Portable outhouse at the front entrance to the Dog Commons
  • Easy access and convenient parking
  • Water fountain for both dogs and people at the front entrance to the Dog Commons
  • Dog waste bags and receptacles situated along the trails

Dog Trails

The Dog Commons features distinctive borders and two unpaved trails:

  • Blue Dog Trail: 1.5 mile outer loop trail around a low lying wetland, also traverses woods and woodland/meadow edge. Estimated walking time is 25-40 minutes.
  • Green Dog Trail: .75 mile inner loop around a former hay field buffered by maple woods; connector trails offer ways to extend your walk. Estimated walking time is 15-20 minutes.

Dog Trails Map

Jean Larson with frenchie on a leash
Balck and white dog face
Swiss mountain dog and vizsla walking on leashes
Dog laying under the shade of a tree