Winter at the Arboretum

Winter trail and trees
Photo by Wendy Composto

Current Conditions

Check out Three-Mile Walk or Three-Mile Drive to explore the grounds. Please note that all visitors need a general daily admission ticket to use the trails. 

WALK | Once again this year, Three-Mile Walk is open throughout the winter, as conditions allow. The popular walk leads through much of the same terrain as Three-Mile Drive, but the pedestrian-only, paved trail is tailored to walkers. The new paved Farm Trail, leading up to the Farm at the Arb, is also maintained throughout the winter. If there’s little or no snow, the Arboretum’s 12 miles of hiking trails also provide plenty of ways to connect with nature.

DRIVE | If you feel like taking a drive through the Arboretum grounds, we plan on keeping Three-Mile Drive open to vehicles as conditions allow.

Please note: For the safety of all visitors, Three-Mile Drive is open to vehicles only.

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Cross-Country Ski

Winter FAQs

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Q. When does the current conditions report get updated?

A. The current conditions report is updated daily by 8 a.m.

Q. Can I snowshoe or ski off the marked trails?

A. No. For the safety of plants, animals and humans, please stay on the marked trails only. 

Q. What size snowshoes are available?

A. We have small (up to 125 lbs), medium (up to 175 lbs) & large (up to 225 lbs) snowshoes. Small snowshoes can be worn by children ages 10 and up for rentals.

Q. I don't have access to snowshoes. Can I walk on the snowshoe trails in boots?

A. Yes! The snowshoe trails can be walked with boots. The ski trails are for cross-country skis only.

Q. How do I drive to the Farm at the Arb and where do I park to access the ski trails?

A. During the winter months, visitors will need to access the Farm at the Arb via the gate off 82nd street (3210 W 82nd Street, Chanhassen, MN 55317). Press the call button to call the gatehouse and have your ticket number ready to read! Parking is free and available in the Farm lot. Three-Mile Drive (to access the Farm) is open most days unless after a snowstorm when it may be closed due to getting the snowplows and sanding trucks out. Please check out current conditions to see when the drive is open or closed.


• Exit the Arboretum via the gatehouse on Arboretum Drive.

• Turn right on Highway 5/Arboretum Blvd and go east to County Road 41/Hazeltine Blvd (0.6 miles).

• Turn right, at the light, onto County Road 41/Hazeltine Blvd and go south to West 82nd St. (0.5 miles).

• Turn right, at the light, onto West 82nd Street and follow the street west to the gated Arboretum entrance (0.3 miles). West 82nd Street makes a sharp left turn just before this entrance.

• Turn right and drive up to the gate. The Bee Center and Red Barn will be in front of you in the distance; a callbox will be on your right.

• Press the center button on the callbox.

• Someone from the main gatehouse should answer, otherwise enter 24 on the callbox keypad. Have your ticket number ready to read to them.

• When the gate opens, drive ahead to the parking lot. Parking is free in the lot, but visitors must display their tickets on their vehicle dashboards. 

Red cardinal in a winter tree
Possum along the fence in winter
2 deer in winter under a tree grazing