Three-Mile Drive is a fully paved roadway that winds through the various collections and landscapes at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. As an official roadway of the University of Minnesota, sharing the road is necessary so all can enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Arboretum. 

Walking is not permitted on Three-Mile Drive. It is is open only to the Arboretum tram, circulators, other motorized visitor vehicles and bicycles. Click here for more information on Three-Mile Walk.

Rules of the Road

Bicycles, including electric-assist bikes, are welcome on the Arboretum's Three-Mile Drive. All bicyclists are expected to abide by vehicle rules of the roadway including speed limits and yielding to pedestrians in cross-walk areas. Bicyclists are encouraged to announce themselves when approaching pedestrians from behind.

Motor vehicles and electric-assist bikes must abide by speed limits and yield to others. Please note that motorized and non-motorized skateboards, scooters, and inline skates are not permitted anywhere on Arboretum Grounds.

Large passenger vans and buses 26' in length and under should check-in at the gatehouse to request permission to use Three-Mile Drive. For safety, larger coach vehicles are not permitted on Three-Mile Drive and should park in designated areas.

More Info

Scooters, skateboards and in-line skates are not allowed on Three-Mile Drive.

Arboretum shuttles and/or tram service can be arranged for private groups/charters. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Bee Line Photo

Visitor Shuttles

Bee Line Shuttles will not be operating this season.