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Highway 5 Regional Trail — Arboretum Connection

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The Highway 5 Regional Trail — Arboretum Connection is a 2-mile trail that runs along the Arboretum grounds from the underpass at Minnewashta Parkway to the Highway 41 underpass. Visitors can connect to the Arboretum using hundreds of miles of regional trails, depending on where they’re coming from and how far they’d like to ride!

Visiting the Arboretum 

Visitors on bicycles need to book tickets ($15 for non-members, free for members) to enter the Arboretum. All cyclists, including EZ Pass users, should enter through the main admission lane at the gate and not the EZ Pass lane, which is not suitable for cyclists.

Once inside the Arboretum 

Once inside the gatehouse, bicyclists should use Three-Mile Drive to explore the grounds. Electric bicycles must follow posted speed limits. Only walkers and strollers are allowed on Three-Mile Walk and the other trails

Please note that motorized and non-motorized skateboards, child scooters and inline skates are not permitted anywhere on Arboretum grounds. 

View our Bike Map (PDF) or use the digital map of the grounds, which includes bicycle parking locations. 

Connect to the Arboretum by bicycle

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From the west

The Arboretum Connection connects to sidewalks that are separated from Highway 5 and Rolling Acres Road. This route, maintained by the city of Victoria, connects to the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail, which provides access to cities such as Victoria and Excelsior and eventually Minnetonka, Hopkins and other regional trails in the Twin Cities.

From the east

The eastern portion of the Highway 5 Regional Trail runs from the Arboretum at Highway 41 to Dell Road in Eden Prairie. It is a 10-foot-wide trail maintained by Carver County, the cities of Chanhassen and Victoria, and LifeTime Fitness. 

Note: The Arboretum maintains only the 2-mile connector trail on Arboretum property.

Carver County is working on creating a Highway 5 Regional Trail map with input from all involved businesses and jurisdictions. Sign up for Carver County regional trail updates, including the Highway 5 Regional Trail.

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