Tashjian Bee & Pollinator Discovery Center

During the months of May-October the Tashjian Bee & Pollinator Discovery Center will be open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.  September-October: 9am-6pm, seven days a week.

The Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center serves as a hub for community outreach and education that is grounded in the world-renowned bee research of University of Minnesota Scientist Marla Spivak, Ph.D.

Arboretum Foundation trustee Joe Tashjian, whose family played a lead role in funding and establishing the Bee and Pollinator Center, notes, "As a child, I can remember (mom) putting on one of her bee pins my father gave to her. Alice was an avid gardener. For us, bees were part of the landscape. The research by Marla Spivak and her team at the University of Minnesota led us to know this project has a strong scientific and educational underpinning." Tashjian describes the Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center as a unique place where family memories come together for him, and as a special tribute to his late parents Harry and Alice.

Displays use macro-photography of flowers and pollinators, and exhibits offer insights into honey bees, wild bees, Monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Sandy Tanck, Manager of Interpretation at the Arboretum, led a University of Minnesota-wide team to plan visitor displays and exhibits.

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