Farm at the Arb

Aerial view of the Farm
Photo by Norbert Lucas

Visitor Directions & Parking

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Access the Farm via Three-Mile Drive

As you enter the Arboretum, tell the gatehouse you are going to the Farm at the Arb and they can assist you with additional directions.

  • Enter the Arboretum through the Highway 5/Arboretum Blvd main entrance.
  • Drive past the gatehouse and the Visitor Center.
  • Turn left immediately after the Visitor Center at the T-intersection.
  • Go up the hill and turn right on Three-Mile Drive.
  • Follow Three-Mile Drive past the Prairie, Harrison Sculpture Garden, and Shrub Collections to the Hedge Display.
  • Turn right into the Hedge Display parking lot.
  • At the end of the parking lot, turn left on Peter C. Moe Drive. 
  • Follow Peter C. Moe Drive for about 1 mile to the Farm/Bee Center. Look for the iconic Red Barn!
  • Park in the lot and enter the Bee Center or Red Barn.

Access the Farm on foot

To get to the Farm at the Arb on foot, take the 0.9-mile route via the Buuck Farm Trail, starting on Three-Mile Walk south of the Ordway Picnic Shelter and proceeding along the southern edge of Green Heron Pond and up the moderately steep hillside near the farm. This walk takes about 30 minutes.  


For registered class or event participants only

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Access the Farm via the gate off 82nd Street

3210 W. 82nd St., Chanhassen, MN 55317

This gated entrance is used year-round for Farm-based educational classes, groups and events where tickets are required for all members and guests, including Gold Access.

  • Exit the Arboretum via the gatehouse on Arboretum Drive.
  • Turn right on Highway 5/Arboretum Blvd and go east to County Road 41/Hazeltine Blvd (0.6 miles).
  • Turn right, at the light, onto County Road 41/Hazeltine Blvd and go south to West 82nd St. (0.5 miles).
  • Turn right, at the light, onto West 82nd Street and follow the street west to the gated Arboretum entrance (0.3 miles). West 82nd Street makes a sharp left turn just before this entrance.
  • Turn right and drive up to the gate. The Bee Center and Red Barn will be in front of you in the distance; a callbox will be on your right.
  • Follow the written instructions on the call box at the right to dial an attendant who can remotely open the gate for you. Please have your ticket barcode or class registration ready to read through the speaker to the attendant. 
  • When the gate opens, drive ahead to the parking lot. Parking is free in the lot. 

Farm Features

Home to the historic Red Barn, the Bee Center, the Myers Education Center and demonstration plots, the Arboretum’s Farm at the Arb connects people with the food they eat through interpretive exhibits highlighting Minnesota-grown crops, fruits and vegetables. Displays include vegetable gardens, as well as fields of soybeans, corn and sunflowers, and newer crops, like kernza.  

Girl standing with a tool in the farm fields

Farm Map