Marion Andrus Learning Center

The Harvest Kitchen, Planting Shed, Labs, Tree Place, and Teacher Resource Center are spaces used for programs for more than 60,000 teachers, students, and parents annually.

During the week the Learning Center is used for Field Trips, classes, Day Camps, and more.


  • Harvest Kitchen
  • Garden Shed
  • Potting Shed
  • Garden Lab
  • Inside-a-Plant Lab
  • Tree Place
  • "Please Touch" Greenhouse

Directions to Learning Center Parking Lot

  • After you pass through the gatehouse, take the FIRST RIGHT.
  • Drive PAST the main parking lots, you will loop behind them and come to a T intersection. You should see a hill directly in front of you.
  • Turn RIGHT.
  • Follow the curved road past the picnic shelters.
  • Enter the Learning Center Parking lot (see map), or parallel park in the spaces designated along the road.

Getting Here


First Floor Map

Colored map of the first floor of the Andrus Learning Center