KEEP IT BEAUTIFUL FOR ALL:  Please observe the Arboretum Code of Conduct.


  • Arboretum buildings and grounds are tobacco and vaping free.
  • Picking, cutting or collecting from plants and nature is not permitted; this includes plants, seeds, pods, fungi, butterflies or any other materials from the Arboretum. Leave everything for others to enjoy.
  • Stay on lawns, trails and walkways to protect living plants and soil.
  • Photos and videos for personal use are encouraged; professional photographers must secure permits in advance of photo shoots.
  • Use of drones is not allowed.
  • Those with a Dog Membership may use Dog Commons trails; service dogs only elsewhere on the grounds.


  • Climbing on trees, walls, rocks, sculptures or exhibits is not permitted.
  • No wading in ponds, fountains or streams.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • Use bicycles on roadways only; for safety of others, riding on trails or walkways is not allowed.
  • No scooters, skateboards, hammocks or inline skates. 
  • The only motorized vehicles permitted are bicycles and automobiles.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Teachers and chaperones must escort and be responsible for their groups throughout their visit.