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Welcome & thank you for being a volunteer at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Whether you've been here for years, or are new to the program, we appreciate you sharing your talents to help the Arboretum grow!

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Arboretum Volunteer Activities

Read, Explore, Learn

Our volunteers are members, donors and often make the first impression on our guests. Volunteers are ambassadors of any organization and ours is no exception.

We want to offer volunteers the same access to enrichment that our staff enjoys. In some cases, we've redesigned a concept with volunteers in mind. In others, we invite volunteers to become part of the culture of the University of Minnesota. Through every department and unit, the mission statement applies:

"The University of Minnesota (University), founded in the belief that all people are enriched by understanding, is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth; to the sharing of this knowledge through education for a diverse community; and to the application of this knowledge to benefit the people of the state, the nation, and the world." 

Watch for opportunities to get involved in the upcoming volunteer newsletters!

MyImpact Login & User Manual


Please review the MyImpact presentation prior to logging in. The user manual is also available for additional details. 

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MyImpact User Manual

Using the Gold Access Lane

Gold Access Lane

Here’s how the Volunteer Gold Access works –

  • Use your most recent membership card (not your volunteer badge) to enter the Gold Access lane.
  • Anyone with a membership may continue to use their card as is designated – nothing has changed.
  • All volunteers are welcome to use their Volunteer membership card for their own admission at any time. Please do not use this card to bring in additional guests; doing so may revoke your privileges.  
  • If your Volunteer membership card does not work in the Gold Access Lane, please show gatehouse staff your volunteer name tag and proceed to the Membership desk in the Oswald Visitor’s Center. The automated system should provide enough information that we can correct the error. 
  • Expired background checks and lapsed memberships will automatically deny entry through the Gold Access lane.
  • The Volunteer Gold Access eliminates the need to make a reservation except for attendance (as a guest) at ticketed events.
Interactive Arb Map

Interactive Map

No matter what your role at the Arboretum is, we encourage everyone to explore! This interactive tool can help you experience the Arboretum in new ways.

Users should begin their journey by clicking on the layer list at the far right. This opens up nine different layers that you can turn on and off simultaneously. 

With the icons on the left, you can:

  • Search Harrison Sculptures Garden 
  • Search for Memorials 
  • Use the "Home" icon to zoom out to base view
  • Find where you are on-site using the "My Location icon." The map adjusts to keep you at the center of it.
Volunteers gathered in the Morgan Terrace for the volunteer celebration

Volunteer Celebrations

At least twice a year, we like to get together to celebrate your contributions to the Arboretum. We welcome volunteers to bring a guest to these events and do our best to create an environment where volunteers and staff can interact with one another in a casual and fun environment.

In the past, we've had a variety of activities including speakers, food trucks, musicians, giveaways and more! Staff members celebrate alongside you to honor your service. It's a great chance to meet volunteers that you don't work with directly, strike up conversations with staff, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a relaxed setting.