Chinese Garden

The garden of harmonious beauty integrates artistry with nature.

The perfect escape from a hectic world to a place of peaceful contemplation and renewal.

Take a moment and immerse yourself in the beauty of the garden's natural setting and stroll the garden path to view the pace of cultural tradition.

Located on Three-Mile Drive, just east of the Harrison Sculpture Garden, the Chinese Garden subtly blends elements of architecture, rocks, water, and plants—in an engaging, yet transformative setting.

Chinese Garden Pathway

Stroll the shoreline pathway westward to the Tree Peony Garden. In Chinese culture, the peony is "the king of flowers" and a symbol of wealth. A nearby large willow, symbolizing purity and healing, provides a dramatic counterpoint with its gracefully swirling branches and rustling sounds. Continue along a meandering shoreline to enjoy breath-taking views.



Qinling Mountain Rocks

An island, jagged shoreline and grassy hillside are adorned by three magnificent rocks that symbolize mountains—a special gift from the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, in central China.

Mountain Rock

Moon Gate

Enter the garden through the dramatic 8-ft. circle, symbolic of casting off stress and tension, by entering a peaceful space with delightful vistas of the garden.

Moon Gate

Peony Pavilion

Upswept eaves are set against a striking backdrop of peony trees. In the early evening, visitors will be treated to a reflection of the sunset in the water.