Art by Shelley Beaumont
Artwork by shelley beaumont
Artwork by shelley beaumont

Mosaics and Mirrors

Feb. 8-March 17

Artist Shelley Beaumont explores the geometry hidden in flowers through intricately designed mosaics and mirrors in this stunning show. Tucked among the flowers and foliage of the Spring Flower Show’s vignettes, the mosaics and mirrors play with color, frequency, energy and light - at times incorporating the reflected image of the viewer into the art piece. 

Beaumont’s art will allow viewers to see themselves surrounded by the vivid hues of spring. Discover the inspiration behind Beaumont’s work at the artist’s lecture on the Opening Night of the Spring Flower Show, Thursday, Feb. 8 at 6 p.m. All of Shelley's mosaics will be for sale beginning on Opening Night!

Cost: This exhibit is included with general daily admission; $15 for ages 16 and older; free for ages 15 and younger. Indigenous peoples receive waived general daily admission to the Arboretum when making a reservation by calling 612-301-6775.

Artist Talk & Tour
11 a.m. March 2

Shelley will also be giving an artist's talk and tour of her art pieces. She will be discussing, in great depth, her inspiration and understanding of the geometrical connection between the flowers and her mosaic creations. This will be held 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 2 in the MacMillan Auditorium.

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Artist Headshot
Headshot of shelley beaumont with her artwork

Shelley Beaumont

High Vibrational Artist 

I am an award winning multi-media mosaic artist and my passion is to create art that explores and plays with light, reflection, and patterns creating layers and textures to experience, explore, and enjoy. Learn more about me

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Artwork For Sale

SKUTitleMedium and MaterialsWeightPrice
5083The Cosmic PortalGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Sugalite, Green Aventurine>5 lb$190
5062Personal Power and StrengthGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Malachite, Carnelian>5 lb$190
5077Serene OasisGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Green Aventurine, Malachite>5 lb$290
5061Love and Creativity: Emerald and SunstoneGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Emerald, Sunstone>5 lb$290
5035Vitality Tulips with CarnelianGlass, Mirror, Fire-Torched Copper, Carnelian, Yellow Turquoise>5 lb$375
5084The Violet Ray Lotus MirrorGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Sugalite, Blue Aventurine, Austrian Crystals>5 lb$790
5059Whispers of Eternal Harmony: Forget Me NotGlass, Mirror, Fire-Torched Copper, Ametrine, Tsavorite, Austrian Crystals5 lb$1,150
5058Three Petaled BlossomGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Flourite, Austrian Crystals5 lb$1,150
5081Whispers of Love: HibiscusGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals5 lb$1,250
5080Zuri: A Beaon for Love and Friendship (African Daisy)Glass, Fire-Torched Copper, Rutilated Quartz, Austrian Crystals5 lb$1,250
4101Love VibesGlass, Mirror, Fire-Torched Copper, Rhodochrosite, Unikat6 lb$1,750
5072Blazing Beauty: My Childhood TulipGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals7 lb$1,800
5076Beaneath the Tulips EmbraceGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals8 lb$1,900
5086Shirley, The Ethereal GeraniumGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals8 lbNot for Sale
5074Vitality: SunflowerGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Garnet13 Lb$3,250
5075Lotus Blossom's SecretGlass, 24-kt Gold, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals13 lb$3,250
5090The Alchemey of a Star FlowerGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals13 lb$3,250
5091Enchantment - A 4-Leafed FractalGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals5 lb$1,250
5085Passion Flower PortalGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals7 lb$1,800
5089Sacral Tulips with Carnelian, Moonstone, and Green AventurineGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Carnelian, Moonstone, Green Aventurine>5 lb$325
5087Sacral BloomsGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Green Aventurine, Austrian Crystals>5 lb$190
5092Unity and LoveGlass, Pewter, Cherry Jade, Apatite, Rose Quartz>5 lb$325
5093Confidence and ClarityGlass, Pewter, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Blue Aventurine, Glass Beads>5 lb$190
5094UnityGlass, Pewter, Amazonite, Antique Findings>5 lb$790
5097Citrine QueenGlass, Citrine, Aventurine, Serpentine, Fire-Torched Copper>5 lb$325
5096Harmony's GlowGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Carnelian, Pink Crazy Lace Agate>5 lb$950
5098Serenade of Passion: 10 Petaled Passion FlowerGlass, Fire-Torched Copper, Austrian Crystals8 lb$1,800
3005Indra's MoonGlass, Fire-Torched Copper18 lb$4,250

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