Garden Highlights

Don't miss our Garden Highlights, updated weekly on Tuesday, featuring plants for their outstanding ornamental characteristics. Discover everything from flowers to fruit, buds, bark and more. Call our Bloom Line at 612.625.9791 for information or use the Garden Highlights layer on our digital map to find these plants at the Arboretum.  

Featured Plant: August 9 - August 15


Panicle Hydrangea

American Elderberry

Floribunda Rose


American Bittersweet


Floribunda Rose


Large-leaved Aster

Lavender Globe Lily

Narrow-spiked Ligularia

Wayfaring-tree Viburnum

Common Boneset

Balloon Flower

Compass Plant

Sweet Joe-pye Weed

Garden Phlox

Wholeleaf Rosinweed

White Coneflower

Shiny Coneflower

Spotted Horsemint

Western Ironweed

Shasta Daisy