Garden Highlights

Don't miss our Garden Highlights, updated weekly on Tuesday, featuring plants for their outstanding ornamental characteristics. Discover everything from flowers to fruit, buds, bark and more. Call our Bloom Line at 612.625.9791 for information or use the Garden Highlights layer on our digital map to find these plants at the Arboretum.  

Featured Plant: May 10 - May 16

Eastern Redbud

Summer Snowflake


Prairie Trillium

Hyacinth Lilac

Ohio Buckeye

Common Bleeding-heart

Dwarf Serviceberry


Mountain Witchalder

Virginia Bluebells

Spotted Fairybells

Blue Phlox

Young's Barrenwort

Marsh Marigold

Large-flowered Trillium

Eastern Pasque Flower

Wall Rockcress