Coloring Pages

We’ve turned images from the Andersen Horticultural Library’s Flora & Fauna Illustrata (FFI) and seed packet collections into coloring pages. Help us celebrate these wonderful collections by adding your own artistic touch. When you’re done coloring, email a photo of your creation to [email protected], and we might post it on our Nature Notes blog, Instagram or Facebook.

About the Andersen Horticultural Library

The Andersen Horticultural Library is a unique and inviting destination open to the public. A reading and reference library specializing in horticulture, plant sciences, and natural history, its rich collections include a trove of art in the form of vintage seed catalogs, botanical wall charts, 19th-century wildflower paintings and rare books of exquisite bird and flower images from the past 500 years.

The Andersen Horticultural Library is looking for artists to create scientifically accurate fine art for our Flora & Fauna Illustrata (FFI) collection. This “hundred-year project” aims to document all the plant and animal species that make the Arboretum their home. The library permanently archives the art and facilitates periodic FFI exhibitions. The collection provides a regional and national resource to aid research and serves to inspire learning, discovery, and enjoyment.

Seed Packets Volume 1

Flora and Fauna Illustrata

Flora and Fauna Illustrata

Download the Flora and Fauna coloring book



Seed Packets Volume 2

Coloring Pages Download

Download volume 2


Seed Packets Volume 3

Seed Packets

Download volume 3

The Art of Flying Coloring Pages

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