Fireplace Room

Fireplace Room set for a wedding

A popular meeting place, the Fireplace Room is located on the second floor of the Snyder Building and features a cozy atmosphere complete with crackling fire during the cooler months, a bird's-eye view of surrounding gardens and grounds, attractive cabin-style furniture, a projection screen and room-darkening shades. The Fireplace Room can accommodate up to 60. The indoor balcony area is an adjoining space often used for food service.

Once inside the Snyder Building: 

  • From the parking lot, enter the Snyder Building into the Snyder Lobby. 
  • Turn left and head down the hallway past the literature racks. 
  • Continue straight past the Snyder Auditorium.
  • On your right will be stairs and an elevator.
  • Go to the second floor.
  • Turn right at the top of the stairs or from the elevator.
  • Head down the hallway to the Fireplace Room.

Configurations & Capacity

  • Theater: 60
  • Classroom: 40
  • Banquet: 50
  • Hollow Square: 25
  • U-Shape: 20

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