Frog Hollow Workshop & Maple Sugar House

Buildings of Frog Hollow
Photo by Johanna Debuhr

Welcome to the home of maple syrup production! Used primarily for field trip groups, the Maple Sugar House and Frog Hollow buildings are located to the right of the Visitor Center down a small hill. These buildings are a busy place February through mid-April when sap begins to flow in the nearby maple trees. 

The Wood Duck Trail is located on the south side of these buildings and features a collection of sugar maples connected by a sap collection system.

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Additional History & Building Details

Nestled in a natural lowland area, Frog Hollow is the Arboretum's original maintenance building that has also served as an office, classrooms and plant sale building over the years.  Since 1980, it has been the craft workshop for the Arboretum Auxiliary. 

Within these walls, the auxiliary creates stunning floral arrangements, centerpieces and other crafts to sell at its popular fall Harvest and Holiday sales.  Every spring, it becomes an informal classroom where youngsters learn about maple syruping.   

Located near the Frog Hollow building, the Maple Sugar House bustles with activity every spring during syruping season at the Arboretum.  It was constructed in the fall of 1969. 


Man tapping a maple tree