The Bog at Green Heron Pond

Green heron pond overlook

First created over 40 years ago, the trail around Green Heron Pond rapidly became a well-loved favorite for generations of Arboretum visitors. The pond, its adjacent marsh and bog represent three naturally occurring ecosystems in Minnesota that are part of the state's geologic and landscape heritage. Just a half-mile long, the bog trail passes through the most diverse ecotypes of any Arboretum hike. Oak woods, maple woods and the mosaic of intermingled wetlands along the boardwalk offer rich rewards for birders, school groups and families. In fact, it's an “off the beaten track” nature experience that's easily accessible to the gardens and parking.

The boardwalk was closed for renovation in 2009. Now it’s back in service and better than ever with 100 new pilings - some to a depth of 60 feet. New interpretive signs will tell the stories of its green heron namesake and other wild residents, the lady's slipper orchids at the boardwalk entry and the tamarack bog, shrub swamp and cattail marsh that line the way. In the middle of this remnant glacial bog, it was fascinating to discover trees actually growing on a 10-12-ft thick mat of old roots, with open water beneath them. Visitors can enjoy the bog through the seasons from spring's yellow marsh marigolds to the golden tamaracks in fall. 

Welcome to the Wuertele Bog Walk!

Hike the Bog to explore wetlands, native plants and wildlife. Species you might see on your visit include...

Additional Fun for Kids

Keep track of what you see on the boardwalk with this Bog Adventure handout 

lady slipper in the bog