Berens Cabin

Front of Berens Cabin in summer

Located in the Big Woods just after the entrance to Three-Mile Drive, Berens Cabin is a walk through Arboretum history. 

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Additional History & Building Details

While the idea to build an Arboretum was still just a spark of inspiration, the Berens family would often travel to their family cabin in the woods - known then as "The Ranch" - from their home in Excelsior.  This is the only structure remaining from the Arboretum's original 160-acre property. 

Located in the woods near the entrance to Three-Mile Drive, the Berens Cabin was remodeled and served as the Arboretum's temporary headquarters for a while.  In the late '60s, it was known as the Reception Center, filling the roles of gatehouse, gift shop and refreshment stop, all operated by auxiliary volunteers. 

After the Snyder Building opened in 1974 as the new visitor center, the Berens Cabin housed various staff members and even a visiting professor from China.  As the building aged and became uninhabitable, it was used for storage. 

Then in 2000, thanks to a substantial gift from twin sisters Mary and Lola Berens, the Berens Cabin was rehabilitated and became what it is known as today - an Arboretum history center.