Scarecrows in the Garden

Do you have some time and creativity to spare? We’d love your help putting together our annual Scarecrows in the Garden display from September 19 to October 31. We’re looking for volunteers to create scarecrows and deliver them to the Arboretum between September 11-14. The deadline to submit ideas for the display is September 4.

In previous years, staff from Bachman’s and the Arboretum have designed the scarecrows on display, but we want to invite everyone to get in on the fun this year.

We’re looking for whimsical designs that make use of elements found in nature. Scarecrows should be family-friendly, no political or controversial scarecrows will be displayed.

  • Scarecrows will need to be built to withstand the weather for entire display time. Here are a few tips for creating scarecrows that are built to last: 
  • Re-purpose elements found in nature – tree branches, twigs, leaves, grapevine, moss, corn stalks
  • Look to your garden shed for supplies  – old watering cans, pails, rakes, shovels and garden hoses all make good material.
  • Tomato cages make quick and easy forms, are lightweight and stable
  • Staple chicken wire to a wooden frame for a quick and easy 3D form
  • Burlap covering over chicken wire softens edges. Burlap also works extremely well as a base material for affixing the decorations.
  • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts work well as scarecrow stuffing.  Straw stuffing holds water from rain or sprinklers and may cause your scarecrow to sag. Straw can still be used for accents. Non-waterproof stuffing should be placed inside of plastic bags.
  • PVC piping for the structure as it is light and durable.

Join the fun, and submit your scarecrow proposal. Need some more inspiration? Check out scarecrows from previous years on our Nature Notes blog.