Flora and Fauna: Life at the Arboretum

13th Annual Arboretum Photographers Society Juried Show

Online Virtual Show January 12, 2021 - March 31, 2021 


Images of our beloved Minnesota Landscape Arboretum have never been more important. For many during this pandemic, the Arb has provided respite and renewal. The trees, plants and animals continue to do what they do best: heal, soothe and inspire us. In fact, research has discovered that being in nature or even viewing scenes of nature makes us feel better emotionally.  

For this reason, it is with great excitement that we bring you this online platform on which to browse the 13th Annual Arboretum Photographers Society Juried images. These images were created during the past year and reflect the inspired work of all four stunning Minnesota seasons. The 27 works have been selected by judges Alec Johnson and Peter Wong and curated by an experienced panel.

This digital platform allows you to find comfort and revitalization in your own home. Enjoy the appreciation these artists have for the natural world. As you explore the show, spend time reflecting on the wonders of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and consider adding one of these lovely artworks to your collection. In addition to years of enjoyment, you’ll also be supporting regional artists and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Virtual Show

Click here to view the show in a new window

Use your mouse to move around the exhibit. Click the tag to learn more about each image, view in a larger format, and leave comments. To view images in a slideshow, simply click on view larger on one of the images. That blows up the image and takes you to a slideshow of all the images. If you're viewing the show on a computer, click here to view the photos in a slideshow


Purchasing Information

To purchase the print alone, click on the image in the exhibition. You will find all the necessary information to explain the purchasing process through the Zenfolio website. Your print will be delivered to your home.

If you would like to purchase the framed image, email Eric Wischmann at ericwischmann1@gmail.com. Eric will gather information and explain pricing and pickup or shipping details.  All pickups will be done through the Gift and Garden store.

Who is APS?

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Photographers’ Society is a group of photographers who want to express and share their passion of nature photography with the Arboretum and each other. The mission is to serve the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum through photography and visual media while fostering an environment of learning for our members. We welcome all!
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