Meyer-Deats Conservatory

Dedicated in 1980, the Meyer-Deats Conservatory in the Snyder Building is especially popular during the winter months, when visitors crave a “tropical” break. The small conservatory features permanent bromeliad, orchid and cactus collections, as well as ferns and other tropical and subtropical plants.

Snyder Building
First Floor


  • From the parking lot, enter the Snyder Building into the Snyder Lobby
  • Turn LEFT and head down the hallway past the literature racks
  • CONTINUE STRAIGHT past the Snyder Auditorium
  • On your LEFT will be a window-lined hallway that leads to the Conservatory

Location Details

This room is located within the


A stop in the Snyder Building is a visit through Arboretum history. Opened in 1974, the Snyder Building was the Arboretum's original visitor center and it features the Andersen Horticultural Library, Meyer-Deats Conservatory, Snyder Auditorium, Tea Room and Fireplace Room.

How to find the Snyder Building

As you enter the Arboretum, tell the gatehouse you are headed to the Snyder Building and they can assist you with additional directions

After you gain entry past the Arboretum gatehouse, follow the drive to the RIGHT

Turn right at the first stop sign
Park in one of the Visitor's Center Parking Lot bays. 
As you exit the parking lot, the Snyder Building is the building to your LEFT (just east of the larger Visitor Center). You will see a flagpole in front of the building.