An Evening with the Bugs

Kids looking at bugs on a dock

Join us at the Spring Peeper Meadow for Wonderful, Wacky Water Critters! Learn about the tiny critters living in our lakes, streams and wetlands. Aquatic bugs, called macro-invertebrates, are an important part of the ecosystem and have many fun and interesting adaptations to living in the water. Meet dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, learn about giant water bugs, diving beetles, and more. Participants will learn about the different bugs found at Spring Peeper Meadow, spend time collecting live samples with provided equipment, and learn how to use a key to identify each bug. This class is taught by Madeline Seveland from the Carver County Water Management Organization. 

This class is a single, one-hour session repeated on 4 dates. Participants only need to attend one session. 

Date and Time

May 23 & 25: 4-5 p.m.
June 6 & 8: 6-7 p.m.


Spring Peeper Meadow 


This event is free, but preregistration is required! You do not need to have a general admission ticket to the Arboretum as you will access Spring Peeper Meadow from 82nd Street.