Arb the Tree Gnome

Arb the Tree Gnome

Arb the Tree Gnome is a fun-loving creature who likes to explore. As his name implies, he especially loves to learn about trees. You can find him touring our tree collections and hanging around interesting trees throughout the Season of Trees. 

As you may know, gnomes are both playful and shy. Arb and seven of his pals want to play a hide and seek game with visitors. Each week throughout the summer, Arb and each of his friends will be hidden in a new location. When you find him, answer the fill-in-the-blank trivia question. Collect the letters found on each gnome and unscramble them to find the answer. Submit your answers to the clues below, or download and print the full set of clues and turn it in at the front desk at the end of the season. Collect all 24 answers for a chance to win Arb the Tree Gnome or one of his friends at the end of the Season of Trees.


New clues will be added each Friday morning.

May 14 - Crabapple Collection
Clue: Crabapples are in the rose family. What other popular trees are part of the rose family?
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May 7 - Shade Tree Exhibit
Clue: What is a plant that is removed from the soil in a dormant state and is then prepped to be planted in new soil called?
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