Autumn Yoga Retreat

Relax your mind, body and spirit while embracing the start of the fall season at the Arboretum's Autumn Yoga Retreat. We will start the day with a light breakfast at the Learning Shelter near the Red Barn at the Farm at the Arb before breaking into smaller groups for the retreat. As we cycle through three different class rotations throughout the day, every participant can select the class that's right for them. From vinyasa and yin classes to acupressure tapping and forest bathing, our Yoga in the Gardens partner studios offer something for everyone! Halfway through the day, we will break for an hour-long lunch break. The retreat will close with a blissful yoga nidra session. Full and half-day retreat options, as well as a pre-purchased lunch, are also available.


Class Schedule 




Yoga Plan


9:00-9:30 AM

Welcome and Light Breakfast

Learning Shelter

Complimentary Breakfast



Molly Burgess

Prairie Overlook

Gentle Soul Flow

Basic slow flow with a nice meditative element during and at end of practice.


Spirit of the Lake - Andrew Seifert

Red Barn

Balance Flow



T'ai Chi Chih - Sue Bitney

Event Lawn

T'ai Chi Chih

Set of movements completely focused on the development of an intrinsic energy called Chi.

10:45-11:45am - Holly Bustle

Prairie Overlook

Meditation / Breathwork / Yin

Move closer to your higher self with intention.


Yoga4Life - Katie Murphy

Event Lawn

Energizing Yoga Flow



Ellie Etzell

Red Barn

Vinny Yoga

This style of yoga takes elements from Tai Chi & Qi Gong to create a fluid & rhythmic movement practice. The rhythm of these movements creates a meditative quality, entirely unique to this style of yoga.

12:00-1:00 pm


Learning Shelter

Pre-purchase Lunch or bring your own


1:00-2:00 pm - Nancee Nystrom

Red Barn

Blindfolded Yoga

Yoga with your eyes closed.

1:00-2:00 pm

True North Intuition- Missy Bruggeman

Event Lawn

Sculpt & Meditation


1:00-2:00 pm

BK Healing Arts - Birgit Kraus

Prairie Overlook

Acupressure Tapping

Activating, releasing excess energy to rebalance your body, mind and spirit. Calibrating into a joyful, peaceful state.

2:15-3:15 pm

Olivine Yoga - Val Roder

Prairie Overlook

Hips & Hearts


2:15-3:15 pm

Nourished Through Nature - Kristen Mastel

Ridge Trail

Forest Bathing

Participants are invited to connect directly with nature through this guided sensory exploration of the Arboretum’s woods.

2:15-3:15 pm

Soul Body Finesse - Caty Brown

Event Lawn

Soulful Soundbath & Restorative Movement


3:30-3:45 pm

Soul Body Finesse - Caty Brown

Event Lawn

Closing Yoga Nidra



Teacher Biographies

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Molly Burgess

Molly has been teaching many fitness modalities for over 20 years and has a passion for yoga and how it benefits the mind and body in the journey of life. Born and raised in Minneapolis with a Golden Retriever, she loves and enjoys nature and yoga daily. She teaches Power Yoga at Nokomis Yoga 6 Studio in Richfield.

Andrew Siefert

Spirit of the Lake Yoga

One of our original teachers, Andrew Seifert, will lead a gentle balanced flow. With bends and balance poses, strengthening and stretching, Andrew’s class lets you find your edges and relax into the new space you find. Andrew also helps horse owners and riders find better and more balanced connections through yoga and breathwork at Equinimity Wellness.

Sue Bitney

Rest In Chi, LLC

Sue has been an accredited T'ai Chi Chih teacher and has been teaching since March of 2005. She started practicing T'ai Chi Chih in 2002. When she first heard about T'ai Chi Chih (at Joy Through Movement) through Minneapolis Community Ed, which stated that it was a moving form of meditation and relaxation, it was something that Sue desperately needed. Since then, she has found it to be so much more. She is grateful that she has been able to offer this lovely practice of circulating and balancing the Chi in such a beautiful place and with such wonderful and beautiful yoga practitioners. 

Holly Bustle 

Holly has a passion for people and connection. Naturally, when she found yoga it was love at first breath. Since then she's completed her 200 E-RYT & 300 RYT. Holly embraces teaching, leading workshops, leading Yoga Teacher Training and helping many individuals develop tools through their own practices. She strives to cultivate a personal sense of love, connection and encouragement through each class she leads and connection she makes. When she isn’t teaching yoga at LifeTime, Holly can be found on an adventure with her family or caring for her mini farm, giant garden or plethora of houseplants at home.

Katie Murphy


Katie was first introduced to vinyasa yoga seven years ago, as a way to better connect with herself both emotionally and spiritually. She stumbled into a yoga sculpt class by accident and soon became hooked. Shortly after, she got certified as a fitness instructor teaching sculpt. She is now a 500hr registered instructor formally trained in not only Yoga Sculpt but also Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Barre. Katie loves teaching a class that really motivates and pushes not only herself but others as well to find their edge. She loves being able to show others what yoga can do for them no matter their background or fitness level

Missy Bruggeman

True North Intuition

Some things in life call you powerfully into being. The inner workings of True North Intuition have been shifting and locking into place over a lifetime of experiences. Missy spent most of her younger years tongue tied. She remained quiet in hopes that her silence was the answer to feeling good. ‘Don’t rock the boat. They can’t hurt you if they can’t hear you.’ That was Missy’s unwritten agreement for herself to feel safe. Turns out there were other plans for her - that was the cocoon phase of who she was to become as a woman living in the world today. Missy is honored and privileged to share True North Intuition, a space of being vulnerable, fun, free and fully self-expressed. We often connect most within the very depths of the secrets we so try to lock away from ourselves and others. Today, she opens her heart to each of you

Nancee Nystrom

Nancee is a resilient, intentional student of life that is always seeking, improving or working towards her next vision to become the best version of herself. Many would describe her as a connected and accepting person to all different kinds of people, ages, demographics, interests and beliefs. She has a passion for philanthropy and teaching others what she has learned along the way. Nancee holds a 500 RYT designation and has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2012. She is a Reiki Master that provides healing to her community. Her love for Minnesota summers, camping, mountain biking, hiking, outdoor yoga and travel is huge.  Winters are for hot yoga, cooking delicious vegetarian meals, taking rest and catching up on her stack of reading materials. If you want to grow and learn from a dynamic introvert that has experienced much in her life, is honest and loves rap music, Nancee will brighten your day.

Ellie Etzell

Ellie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur out of Minneapolis. In her work as a teacher, healer, coach and facilitator, her intention is to create a soothing and structured space where the soul can expand. You can find more about her on her website:

Birgit Kraus

Birgit’s journey started about 22 years ago, when she found herself in a hospital with various symptoms of severe vertigo, anxiety attacks and nervous breakdown. After trying the western medical and conventional testing route without success, she decided to take health into her own hands. For the past 20 years she has been studying, experiencing and observing self-healing modalities with different masters and teachers, within herself and with others, which helped her understand holistic healing to an ever evolving greater level. Birgit is grateful to be able to humbly share and offer help to guide people on their healing journeys. Her belief is that our bodies and minds can transform energy and therefore heal themselves completely. She has experienced this within herself and with clients on many different levels. There is an evolutionary process happening when we start working on ourselves that has a great impact on our own wellbeing and her intention is to offer authentically and to her best ability to serve as a guide, to share self healing tools for mind, body and spirit, so that her clients can experience a beautiful life feeling empowered and connected to the whole.

Val Roder

Olivine Yoga

Upon receiving her 200hr RYT in 2019, Val proudly established Olivine Yoga to make movement and meditation accessible for all! Her thoughtful approach and gentle style provide a serene balance for students of all needs and abilities, from infants to the elderly. Head to to learn more, and follow along on social media! @OlivineYoga •

Kristen Mastel

Nourished Through Nature 

Kristen Mastel is a certified forest therapy guide, herbalist, and health coach. After facing career and personal burnout, she found that taking the time to be out in nature whether a walk with her pup, Jiggsy, or out on the trails solo was (and still is) crucial to her mental and physical health and burnout recovery. She feels honored to be able to take part in & share the healing power of nature in Minnesota (and virtually) with you

Caty Brown

Soul Body Finesse 

The owner of Soul Body Finesse, a sacred self care and community-based wellness movement. Caty is a certified Sound Healer, Reiki practitioner, labor and birth doula and studied yoga and the physiological anatomy of trauma in the body. She coordinates wellness events, offers private groups, 1:1 and Open Community healings. Radical selfcare and holistic therapies allowed her to heal and align with her Soul’s purpose of creating safe spaces for people to heal, share, connect and grow together. She is currently studying to be an herbalist, and she enjoys intuitively connecting with others and formulating self care practices to stimulate growth, inner peace and self acceptance. She has a passion for serving and empowering women and mothers to heal during difficult transitions. Caty moved back to Minneapolis in 2019 to start Soul Body Finesse with a mission to make Holistic therapy more accessible to the community and to raise her children in this resilient, beautiful and artistic community.

Date & Time

9 a.m.- 3:45 p.m. Sept. 17, 2022



Red Barn

Additional Offerings

Additional Offerings 

The Zen Den: Meagan Thomas with the Zen Den will be offering 20 minute healing sessions throughout the entire day of the retreat.  All of Meagan's offerings include Reiki, a sound bath, and massage. They are all donation-based. Participants can take a session during class or one of the several breaks taken throughout the day. She will be located near the Red Barn. Participants (and teachers when they're not teaching) are welcome to sign up for a session at the beginning of the retreat or email [email protected] to book in advance.

BEMER: Paula Graham will be offering donation-based BEMER sessions during the afternoon. BEMER is registered with the US FDA as a Class II medical device, designed for consumer or clinical use. BEMER does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition or disease. However, BEMER is proven to enhance vitality, muscle stimulation, oxygen delivery, waste removal, strength, endurance and also provides rest and relaxation for greater resiliency. Paula will have a tent positioned near the Red Barn and will be offering trial sessions for all that are interested. 


Full Day Member: $40
Full Day Non-member: $55
½ Day Member: $20
½ Day Non-member: $35
Lunch: $20