Garden Rules and Etiquette

Please help us protect and maintain the gardens and collections for the enjoyment for all visitors by observing the following:



Be Kind

  • Stay on walkways, nature trails and grass.  Footsteps elsewhere crush plants and damage soil.
  • Do not pick or collect materials from flowers, plants or trees. Leave everything here for others to enjoy.

Be Safe

  • No climbing on trees, walls, rocks, statues or exhibits. Climbing is invited on play structures and certain exhibits where noted by signs.
  • No wading in fountains, ponds or streams.

Be Respectful

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Teachers and chaperones must stay with their group at all times.
  • Bicyclists are allowed on Three-Mile Drive; please use caution and share the road with motorized vehicles and walkers. Scooters, skateboards and in-line skates are NOT allowed.
  • No pets except dogs assisting people with disabilities.
  • Respect others in your group and other visitors.
  • No vehicle parking on the grass.

Animals and Tobacco

Animals and Tobacco


Arboretum buildings, gardens and ground are tobacco-free.


No pets or horses are allowed on Arboretum grounds, except dogs assisting people with disabilities. Dogs are allowed on designated All About Dogs Day events in April and November.

Photography & Drone Use

Photography & Drone Use


Photos and video for personal use are welcome. If you are using a tripod, please download the tripod policy.

If you are a professional photographer: professional portrait photographers are required to purchase special-use permits for shooting on the Arboretum grounds. Special guidelines apply. Click here for the permit application.

We are only allowing a maximum of three (3) Daily Photography Permits on one day with no exceptions. A separate fee schedule applies to commercial photographers filming for advertising or marketing purposes.

For further information, contact the Reservations at 612-301-7601.

If you are a Commercial photographer, you are required to review the campus filming rate card and complete a filming/photography request online here.

Drone Use

The Arboretum does not allow the use of drones or drone photography.


Drones may be permitted from media organizations with specific permission from Arboretum Marketing & Communications or Guest Services at pre-designated times.

Arboretum Operations and Research staff may request and schedule drone flyover footage of Arboretum property and construction projects.