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The Arboretum announces Phase II of its re-opening strategy.

Tickets are required for members and guests. 


The Arboretum has expanded its operations to walking access on designated areas of our grounds. Similar to before, all members and visitors must pre-register their visit with an online reservation; no on-site transactions will be allowed. 

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Here are the most important things to know about our Phase II reopening:

  • Members and children (15-and-under) are FREE but each individual must have an online reservation to get tickets. Non-members will be charged $15/ticket. VIP passes cannot be used at this time.
  • Please bring your email receipt -- featuring ticket barcode -- with you, or have it available for scan on your phone, for contact-less entry to the Arboretum.
  • Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. -- *4:00 p.m. (*Last online reservation will be 2:30 p.m.) Monday -- Sunday; seven days a week.
  • Public parking is available in the Visitor Center (Main) parking lots only. (Short term parking available for restroom access only at the Prairie Garden and Sensory Garden.)
  • Designated walking paths -- supported by on-site signage -- will be clearly marked on the grounds. Please remain on the designated paths and remember to respect social distancing guidelines (including at the Tulip Garden) and other public health best practices for the safety of all. All visitors are encouraged to wear masks, but they are not required to do so. 
  • Walking access will include four designated one-way paths, including: 
    • Three-Mile Walk: one direction beginning at Wildflower Garden by main buildings
    • *Main Garden Paths: close to Visitor Center, includes an extended Main Garden Path option, too (*Wheelchair accessible path)
    • Dayton Wildflower Garden Path: a shorter loop option to Three-Mile Walk
    • Lilac Loop: up an asphalt walk and back down the lawn from the top
    • A newly updated Arboretum map can be found at z.umn.edu/arbmap. By clicking the layers icon on the right side, you will be able to view what’s available/accessible. 
  • Three-Mile Drive continues to be vehicles-only; cars will be required to keep moving to allow for smooth traffic flow. 
    • Drivers can pull over and park in Visitor Center (Main) parking lots and exit their vehicles to access designated walking paths.
    • Vehicle-access to Three-Mile Drive remains FREE to members, but $15 per person in each vehicle for non-members.
    • No bicycles allowed during Phase II.
  • Restroom amenities available include the Sensory Garden, Prairie Garden and Picnic Shelter B.
  • We are also happy to announce the reopening of the Gift & Garden Store on Friday, May 22. There will be one point of entry off of the Oswald Visitor Center via the Dahlberg Terrace. For the safety of customers, we will limit shopper capacity. The same hours of operation apply: 9:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m. 
  • No building access to the public besides what is mentioned above.
  • Please be considerate of others during this time of limited Arboretum access. In order to keep you safe, we are only able to sell a limited number of tickets to ensure the flow of on-site foot and car traffic. If you are not able to use your confirmed reservation, please contact arbinfo@umn.edu and we will release the ticket so others will be able to enjoy the Arboretum at that time. Thank you for your understanding.

Again, thank you so much for your ongoing and passionate support of the Arboretum and our mission. I am excited to provide more access to our many supporters, and look forward to seeing you soon! 

Peter Moe
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
May 21, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the ticketing process? 

Simply click the “reserve your tickets” link above and available dates and times will be displayed. Follow the prompts to sign up for a preferred day/time and make sure to register every person who will be coming to the Arboretum. Each person will need to be registered to enter the grounds. Tickets not for resale.

Once a ticket has been purchased online, visitors will receive a receipt with a reservation confirmation and a second receipt that has a barcode on it. When arriving at the Arboretum, each guest should be prepared to show the barcode to the gatehouse attendants via phone or printed copy. 

What do I do if I have problems with ticketing? 

Please call the front desk at 612-624-2200 and leave a message with your phone number. We will call you back during business hours, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and help resolve your concern. 

How do I pay admission or make a reservation?

We are asking visitors to pre-register online to access the grounds. To ensure proper social distancing, there will be no on-site transactions allowed; both members and visitors must make an online reservation.

  1. Read through the information above and then click the link to reserve your experience
  2. On the next page it will list the date and time of the first event. This may show Sold Out! on the left side above the date. If it is showing sold out go to click here for other dates and it will bring up a calendar showing the dates that have availability. Select your date.
  3. This will bring up the first available time on that date. If you would like a different time go to click here for other times and it will bring up a list of the available times for that day. Choose your preferred time.
  4. Each individual must have their own ticket. Select the quantity of tickets, then click the member or non-member box and add to cart.
  5. Fill in your personal information and check out
  6. Non-members will be directed to a payment screen where they can enter their credit card information.
  7. You will receive two emails. The first will be a confirmation of your order and the second will be a link to your ticket.
  8. Please print your ticket with the barcode on it or have it ready on your phone for the Gate Attendant.

What do I do if I see people who aren't following the social distancing guidelines or if I have an emergency? 

Please call security at 952-913-6989.  

Can I bring my dog to the Arboretum?  

No. Members with dog-added memberships will be able to bring their dogs to the dog commons when the Arboretum is fully re-opened but that is not currently an option. 

Why do members need a ticket each time they want to come into the Arboretum? 

Our phased approach, developed in partnership with senior leaders and public health experts at the University of Minnesota, requires that we limit the number of visitors on the grounds to what is deemed safe based on current public health guidance, for the health of all visitors, staff and our communities.

Where can I walk? 

There are four designated walking options available, Three-Mile walk, which is the longest, Main Gardens walk, Wildflower Garden Loop and Lilac Loop. Please observe signage on the grounds for directions. You can also use our digital map at z.umn.edu/arbmap. Click on the right side of the map to see all available walking options. 

Why can't I walk other trails? 

We are taking a phased approach to re-opening for the safety of visitors and staff. We hope to be able to open more trails in the future but at this time, we are providing as much access to visitors as we are able. 

How do I use the digital map?

You can access the map at z.umn.edu/arbmap. You have the option to turn layers on and off from your device by clicking on the layer icon at the top, it looks like a stack of three pieces of paper. You can also use the GPS location feature, it is on the left-hand side and looks like a target, to show you where you are in the gardens. This will help you be sure that you're on the right path and walking in the correct direction. You can also choose to print a map at home by clicking the print icon on the map.

Where are bathrooms? 

There are three bathroom facilities open to visitors. They are located at the Sensory Garden, the Prairie Garden and Picnic Shelter B. View these locations on the digital map at z.umn.edu/arbmap. If you are in a car, you may pull over to use the restroom but please promptly continue your drive. No parking and walking please.  

Do we have to have our windows up on Three-Mile Drive? 

Please have them up at the gatehouse when your receipts are scanned but once you enter the grounds you are welcome to open your windows. 

Can kids come for a visit?

Yes, children (15 and under) are welcome to visit with a guardian. They must be registered when purchasing tickets, though we do not charge admission for children. Please monitor children closely and encourage social distancing. You may bring a stroller and or wagon for children to ride in. The Learning Center and Green Playyard are not open to the public at this time.

Are these walks accessible to wheelchairs? 

The Main Gardens Walk is the most accessible of the open trails. Three-Mile Walk is not paved throughout, so it can be more difficult for a wheelchair. 

Are photographers able to come out with clients?  

Not during Phase II. Photographers may come back on the grounds during Phase III. Professional Photographer Members will receive a four-month extension on their memberships across the board. Phase III is not slated to be proposed until the end of May so we are looking at mid-June for Phase III which would be reopening the grounds and buildings. If we are not back open by mid-end of June, another extension will be granted. 

Can I drive on Three-Mile Drive then park and do the walks? 

Yes you can. You must park in the main parking lots at the front of the Visitor Center then you can access the walks. 

Can I stay all day? Do I have to leave?  

We encourage guests to keep their visit to two hours. 

    Can I stay and have a picnic somewhere? 

    There are no facilities available for a picnic and we ask that guests don't bring in outside food and beverages at this time. 

    How can I shop at the Gift & Garden Store? 

    The shop will be open daily 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We will allow 10 visitors in the store at a time. The entrance is different; it will be on the Dahlberg Terrace towards the skyway; look for signs. Only credit cards will be accepted for purchases; you must have your membership card to get the member discount. Please practice social distancing while waiting in line outside and inside of the store. 

    Is there food and water available? 

    Pre-packaged snacks and bottled beverages are available in the Gift and Garden Store. 

    Why does this Phase II cost $15 per non-member adult when it was $15 a carload for non-members for the first (driving only) phase? 

    As we are able to open more of the facility to visitors, we are returning to our normal adult, non-member gate fees of $15 per person. 

    Can I buy a membership before I come out and then get in free? 

    Yes. Please call the membership desk at 612-301-1257. You can look at the levels of memberships here: arb.umn.edu/support/membership

    Why isn't the Arboretum free like a public park?

    The Arboretum is a 501(c)3 non-profit, different than parks and trail systems. The Arboretum is one of the largest botanical gardens in the country and a vast majority of our operating budget comes through gate fees, memberships and donations. Those gate fees enable us to keep the gardens and grounds maintained year-round, conduct important research, protect our one-of-a-kind plant varieties and artwork and pay our employees. 

    When will things get back to normal? 

    We hope to have a full re-opening of the Arboretum sometime this summer. Arboretum leaders are following guidance from Governor Tim Walz, federal and state public health agencies and the University’s own medical and public health experts to make operational decisions. 

    Why aren't people required to wear masks? 

    We encourage all visitors to wear masks for safety. Arboretum staff will wear masks while working. 

    Why can't I have a paper map? 

    To reduce opportunities for viral transmission, we have developed a digital map you can use on your phone. 

    Can kids climb on the trees and sculptures? 

    No, please do not allow kids to touch trees, plants and artwork. 

    Can I sit on the benches and relax? 

    Guests can sit on benches, but they will not be regularly disinfected by Arboretum staff. The benches are unfinished wood and not suitable for cleaning. 

    How do I know what's in bloom for my visit? 

    Please look at our What's In Bloom page and like our Facebook and Instagram pages to see updates about blooms. 

    How often can I visit? 

    All visitors - including members - are limited to one visit per day. 

    What do I do if I realize I can’t use my registration? 

    If you are a member who can’t use your registration, please email arbinfo@umn.edu with their information and we can release the registration for others. There are no refunds or exchanges available.  

    Does the Arb offer classes that I can complete from home?

    Yes. The Arb has a variety of online classes; find the full list here

    Is the Arb still offering Free Third Monday?

    Unfortunately, Free Third Monday has been canceled for the remainder of 2020.

    What Arboretum Events, Classes & Programs, and Private Events & Space Rentals have been canceled?

    As this situation is changing day-by-day, we are working with University and State partners to closely monitor reports and make decisions in the best interest of our public based on the latest information. Please check this page often for the latest on our closure and resulting cancelations. 

    Arboretum Events: 

    In the interest of public safety, the Arboretum is not currently holding events. If you have questions about future events please email comp0002@umn.edu.

    Classes & Programs:

    Please visit our educational programming page for up-to-date information. You can contact the Education Office by email (preferred) at ArbEdu@umn.edu or call 612-301-1210 and leave a message. A staff member will return your call from their home office.

    Private Events and Space Rentals:

    In the interest of public safety, all Arboretum private events and space rental have been canceled through July 31. If you have rented space for a private event at the Arb you will be contacted personally by email or phone with options. You can contact us by email about canceled or postponed private events or space rentals at Arb-Reservations@lists.umn.edu.