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The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum provides a nature-rich setting where community leaders, policymakers, practitioners, concerned citizens, and other stakeholders connect with one another and today's foremost scholars, authors and experts from around the globe. Invested with a strong desire to make the world a better place for ourselves and future generations, we look to expand our knowledge and understanding of today's critical issues that relate to the Arboretum's mission.Through its public conferences, forums and symposiums, the Arboretum is known to bring the latest cutting edge research and thought leaders to address current topics.


Upcoming Conferences

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Upper Midwest Regional Master Gardener Conference 2018

June 14-16, 2018


Past Conferences

2017 Schoolyard Gardens Conference

2017 Master Gardener State Conference

2017 Pollinator Summit

2016 Urban Waters 

2016 Clean Water Summit

2016 Pollinators Summit

2016 Earth Day

2016 Schoolyard Gardens Conference

2016 Healthy Foods Summit

2016 Speak

2016 Extension Master Gardener State Conference

2016 Photo Symposium: Conservation Through the Lens with Jim Brandenburg & Michael Monroe