Cafe Gallery

The Cafe Gallery is a second exhibit space adjacent to the Arboretum Cafe features exhibits of photography by the Arboretum Photographers Society, and special exhibits throughout the year ranging from individual artists to prints presented by the Andersen Horticultural Library from their collection of seed catalog covers or botanical prints, etc. Check this more intimate and informal space for delightful interpretations of Arboretum seasons, fanciful prints and other photography exhibits in conjunction with Arboretum seasonal exhibits and displays.

All artwork is available for sale through the Arboretum Gift Store. A portion of proceeds benefits the Arboretum.

Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits

ann solyst artworkPatterns in Nature

March 12-June 14, 2020

Patterns found in nature have fascinated scientists for many years. They help us organize information and make sense of the world around us. From daily sunrise and sunsets to the spirals on a pinecone, nature’s patterns provide visual stimuli that draw us in and help us examine our world more closely. Visit “Patterns in Nature” to see the artistic renderings of Evan Abrahamson, Kristine Fretheim, Kathy Strahota and Ann Solyst. In these works, they demonstrate their harmony with the universe through pattern and might inspire you to look more closely at the often overlooked, fleeting patterns all around.


Upcoming Exhibits

Upcoming Exhibits

More information on upcoming exhibits will be posted soon.

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