Harrison Sculpture Garden

The Harrison Sculpture Garden is located on just over 3 acres of rolling hills that surround the Arboretum's High Point. The works of renowned contemporary sculptors interplay with a magnificent landscape of open countryside, with trees and sky that change with every season. The wonders of nature, including wind, water and animals, along with the myths and stories about our place in this world, inspired these leading American and international sculptures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Works are sited around walkways leading up to the peaceful grove of Kentucky coffee trees that encircle the highest viewpoint here at the Arboretum.


Canto Notturno

Mimmo Paladino - Bronze

Wayzata Reel

Philip King - Mild steel, zinc sprayed and stove enameled

Summer Dance

Barbara Hepworth - Bronze and paint.


Paul Mount - Stainless Steel

Bench and Eclipse Column

Jesus Bautista Moroles - Granite

Fugue Processionaire

Antoine Poncet - Rose marble

Stone Harp

René Küng - Limestone

Looking into the Wind

Nicholas Mukomberanwa and Son - Springstone


Antoine Poncet - Rose Marble

Disc Spiral

Jesus Bautista Moroles - Granite


Rudolf Belling - Bronze

The Cathedral

Alicia Penalba - Bronze with green Patina

Epidauros II

Barbara Hepworth - Bronze

Construction (Crucifixion)

Barbara Hepworth - Bronze with Color

Night Wind Sign

René Küng - Bronze

Stone Arch

René Küng - Limestone

Spirit Bird

Bridget McCrum - Carrara Marble

Four Open Rectangles

George Rickey - Stainless Steel

Rolling Over Figure (Man)

F.E. McWilliam - Bronze

Spirit Dancer

Craig Dan Goseyun - Bronze

Night Gesture

Louise Nevelson - Welded aluminum painted black

Song with Five Voices (Canto a Cinque Voci)

René Küng - Copper

Spiral Form (Sahara Variation)

René Küng - Iron

Sud II

Mimmo Paladino - Bronze


Paul T. Granlund - Bronze


The sculptures were generously donated by philanthropists Alfred Harrison and Ingrid Lenz Harrison of Wayzata, Minnesota. The Harrisons have spent their married lifetime building the collection of works by artists from around the world, including Italy, England, Zimbabwe and Argentina.